Let me go! Not until you bless me!

I will not let you go until you bless me! This was Jacob’s reply to the Angel of the Lord that he had been wrestling with all night (Genesis 32:22-32) . What always amazes me is that all this angel/man had to do was touch Jacobs hip and it dropped him, I mean, it dislocated his hip! Why is it that he allowed Jacob to contend with him (and prevail) even though he clearly had more power and more strength? God wants to pursue his blessing. He wants you to value his blessing so much you would be determined to have it regardless of the struggle it might take to get it. The greatest aspect of this struggle wasn’t the wrestle itself, it was that Jacob had to let go in order to take hold of the blessing. He just didn’t realise it, often, neither do we.

You first

Jacob wanted to be blessed and he refused to let go of what he was holding onto; in this case, the man. But the man couldn’t bless him until Jacob let go, to he popped Jacob’s hip out of it’s socket! Sometimes the things we hold need to be pried out of our hands so that we can be blessed. Often we think it’s in holding onto what we’ve been given that is going to be the key to increased blessing. That’s not what God told Israel through the Italian prophet Malachi… ok so he was Jewish. Smile.

You bring yours and I’ll bring mine

God is the God who says, you first. You bring your offering and I’ll bring my promise. You bring the tithe and I’ll bring the storehouse of blessing (Malachi 3:8-12). You bring the honor and I’ll open the heavens. You first! Let go of what you think is your blessing and and give it to me says God, and as you do, the promise of Jesus to meet every need can be fulfilled (Matthew 6:33).

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (everything you need in life) shall be added to you.

And then, if you have more than you need, meet someone else’s needs too! Pay for neighbours bills for example. Bless someone. Be generous. But start with blessing God, honor his Kingship, accept his methods, learn his ways – bring your tithe your local church and let go of your trust in money and in your own strength to wrestle a blessing into your life through hard work and trust instead in the promise of God. Put him first. He is faithful and when we are too, we are truly blessed.

Why I give

I give because I’ve been Given Jesus… I wrote a book about it here