Why I bought a Journaling Bible

This year I decided to do something different with my routine. Rachel and I decided we would do the Bible in a Year ® reading plan (you can find it here on the YouVersion Bible App) and that every morning we would get up before the kids and spend and hour spending time with God and his Word.

But I didn’t want to just read a list of scriptures and tick a box, I wanted to go on a journey with God and I also wanted to track the journey.

The Journaling Bible & the masculine journey

I’m one of those people that scribbles in and all over my bible, but you never have enough room! I came across the journaling Bible when I saw a few people post pics of them in Insta, these beautiful Bibles with huge wide margins for journaling and note taking. Now journaling always seems to get pitched as something women do and men… well, don’t. But thats an aweful lie. I want to bring the masculine journey back into journaling. Every great adventure and expedition was recorded first because someone kept a journal. Mountaineers, explorers, soldiers, generals, farmers… even captain kirk kept his captains log. David may have been the warrior shepherd that killed giants and became a king, but he was also the sweet Psalmist who wrote many prayers, songs and laments as he poured his heart out to God. We have the benefit of browsing his journal.

Let your heart comes out your hand

I find that when I have a pen in my hand I think through and meditate on what I’m reading, it helps me to engage with and document what I’m reading and what is jumping out at me. I can be creative and expressive, write prayers, confessions, requests, hopes and dreams right there on the page next to the passage of scripture that prompted me to do so. As I scan across the pages each morning all the ‘moments’ of revelation come back to me, it’s so refreshing.

Turn the page instead of scrolling the screen

There is something unique about a physical book, especially a Bible, that I love more than reading the text on a screen. I love ebooks, I have tons of them, I love the Bible app on my phone, I use several. But holding a tangible book, being able to write on it, draw lines that connect my thoughts to God’s word and being able to casually scan an entire chapter or two and look back at what I just read is so much more engaging and impactful that being limited to only seeing the amount of text on my phone. Flicking through literal pages and seeing the notes, prayers and highlights ignites memories of when God spoke far more than the mechanical scrolling through sections of digitally highlighted Sans Serif.

How do you read your Bible? What’s your routine? Do you have one? Comment below & tell me what has worked for you (or hasn’t)?

Why not get your own journaling Bible and begin to go on your own journey with God and his Word, I think you’ll be amazed at how satisfying and exciting it really is spend time with God and Word in a way that is creative, memorable and personal.

Here’s a few Journaling Bibles you might like (I got the ESV one):