They go together like Han & Chewy, like Mornings & Coffee

Some things just go together, like cheese and crackers or Han and Chewy, the one is just not complete without the other. A bat and ball. A bucket and spade. Mornings and Coffee. Superhero’s and spandex.

Offer right sacrifices and put your trust in the Lord – Ps 4:5

Trust has a bestie

Genuine trust is always accompanied by willing sacrifice. When you trust God you will find yourself willing to make sacrifices for him and to him. It’s just how it is. Sacrifice is the best friend of Trust. Sacrifice completes trust. Sacrifice demonstrates trust. Sacrifice affirms trust. You can sacrifice your time and serve God because you trust that he will make it worth it in the end. You sacrifice your finances as offerings to God because you genuinely trust that God is willing able able to provide for you according to his promise. Without sacrifice there is no trust for trust in it’s raw essence is faith and faith works by love (Gal 5:6); and how can one love if one does not trust. Without sacrifice love is fickle and faith is weak. Sacrifice reinforces faith and makes bold the acclamation of love. Get your love on. Strengthen your faith. Build up your confidence and give life to your trust in God; bring a sacrifice. Be the sacrifice, for as Romans 12 tells us, to be a living sacrifice fully submitted in trust to God, this is our spiritual act of true worship.

Trust with benefits

Where trust and sacrifice coexist in the believers life the result is rather grand…

You have put more joy in my heart that they have when their grain and wine abound. In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety – Ps 4:7-8

He who demonstrates trust with sacrifice and who compliments sacrifice with trust will experience the kind of inner untouchable joy that not even money can buy. Lets be honest. Money can buy you a lot of fun things. But they always get old, out dated, broken, boring… But the joy of God is ageless, timeless and strong, it causes the weak to rise and the empty to be filled! Greater than wealth and riches is the joy that comes into the one who trusts God and offers right sacrifices.

Peaceful sleep. No anxiety. No concerns keeping you awake. No worries troubling your sleep. You lie down and sleep in the peace of God. This peace goes beyond rational thought, it transcends understanding and gives you rest when you otherwise should be restless. Why? Because you rightly trust God and so have no cause for concern; He is with you.

What else have you found goes together like sacrifice and trust?