When I write my sermons I still prefer to use a pen – a sharpie to be precise! When I am studying and planning out my sermons I literally write a lot of notes that then get condensed into my actual sermon notes. Some people have seen them and expressed an interest in being able to get a copy – so here you go. For those who are interested, I use CamScanner to take photos of my handwritten notes, then import the images in Evernote so that I can preach using my tablet (don’t have to worry about pages flying off the pulpit in the coastal breeze).

I have converted these notes into FREE eBooks for those who may like to have them.

Where possible, I will link the audio files as well, if you listen and read along you will notice that there are bits and pieces not included int he notes – it’s these moments where the Holy Spirit drops thoughts into my spirit mid-flow. That’s why my notes are no verbatim, I like to be organised and structured, delivering a well thought out and prepared sermon, whilst always leaving room for the wind of God’s spirit to move in the moment. I believe a good preacher is both Spirit led in preparation and Spirit led in delivery.