Hello from the other side

‘Hello, can you hear me…. there’s such a difference between us, and a million miles.’ Sometimes, especially if you’re anything like me, sometimes it can feel like God is speaking from so, so far away. It’s not that he is distant and his voice is faint but rather that the perspective he has on my life seems so foreign to what I am currently facing it’s as if he is looking at it from another planet! God is on the other side of what I’m facing, He’s outside of time, living in eternity and he is looking at my future as though it’s already the past,

God is looking back on your future

Hello from the other side

God looks back from the other side of the situation I’m in and he speaks to me about what is beyond it, he speaks to me like one calling from the other side of a river that looks hard to cross, he calls out and says, ‘you can make it – I know, I’ve seen how this ends, you’re ok, you can do it, trust me’. He does this to increase my confidence and yours, he speaks to our inner self and and he does he pours in courage and faith by declaring a bigger perspective, inviting us to believe in more than we can see.

You’re a mighty warrior!

Gideon was in a wine press, a hole in the ground, beating out the wheat. It’s the absolute wrong place for this task; but he’s here because he’s hiding. Afraid of losing what he has, Gideon is unwilling to risk having his wheat stolen by Midianite raiders so he hides in a hole in the ground. It’s in this place of defeat, of fear and hiding that God sends an Angel to speak to him. Through this angel God is calling to Gideon from the other side, he’s calling to him from the future and yet he speaks of this future as a present reality. ‘Gideon you mighty man of valour… go in the strength you have and save [your people] from the Midianites… you will strike them down’ (Judges 6). To start with, Gideon wrestled with this description of himself. No no no, you got the wrong guy! He couldn’t see it in himself because his perspective was limited to his current reality; hiding in fear. Gideon needed to get a new perspective from the other side, from God’s side, and so do we. Beyond your winepress, beyond your hole in the ground, beyond the situation camped around you, past this season of parenting and work, on the other side of todays challenge, on the other side of this sickness and struggle, on the other side of unanswered prayers is a perspective that you and I need and that God wants to give us.

It’s in you

God was fully aware of the situation around Gideon, but he didn’t come to speak about that, he came to speak about who Gideon was in the midst of it. He didn’t tell Gideon, ‘don’t worry, you can come out now, I’ve fixed everything for you’, no, he began to speak to the unseen strength and the untapped potential that already existed within Gideon, he didn’t need to do anything fro him other than call out the brave, courageous, strong man of valour that was buried under fear and intimidation.

God is more interested in calling out something that already in you, that he is in merely fixing up things that are currently around you

The solution to the problem you have is already within you. The very Kingdom of God, said Jesus in Luke 17:21, is within you! Paul wrote to the Ephesians and the truth of his words still speaks today that God has already blessed you with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, you don’t lack anything! You have what you need but if you’re like me, sometimes it’s not easy to see it so I need God to call to me from the other side and remind me of WHO I am and WHAT I have so I can OVERCOME the things that come against me. In 2 Corinthians 9 Paul tells us that according to God’s perspective we have all grace at all times so having all that we need we can abound in every good work that is in our life to be done!

Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears

You got this

You already have the raw materials you need to abound in every good work that is before you. God told the Israelites that were  facing war that they didn’t need weapons because they already had them, the only issue was these weapons were currently in the form of farming equipment! God said take those plows and beat them into swords! You have what you need, you have every spiritual blessing, you have abundant grace, you have what you need but maybe it’s not formed yet – you might have to work with what you have until it becomes what you need! Moses was facing off against Pharaoh but he had a staff in his hand. Thousands of people had no food but little boy had some fish and loaves. A widow was bankrupt and about to lose her kids, but she had some oil. Joseph was a slave but had a dream. Paul was in prison but he had a pen. Israel had no swords but they did have plowshares and pruning hooks. Gideon was in a winepress but he had a Word from God!

Take what you have and turn it into what you need

Whatever you are facing, God is with you facing it too. He’s right beside you. He’ll never leave you nor forsake. And yet he calls to you from the other side of what you’re facing with hope, he calls with a command saying be strong and courageous, he calls to you and says you can overcome, you can rise above; you’re a mighty warrior! And In Christ, that’s exactly who you are.


This blog post is taken from Andrews message on Gideon in Judges 6, click below to listen: